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Jen Taher as her mother, Mirela, frightens us with her raw portrayal of one of the female survivors.

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There is another notable character, Jessie (the remarkable Jen Taher), a lonely power career woman who blows up at Beth in Starbucks

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Kudos, to begin with, to the members of Five On A Match (Matthew Cohn, Amir Darvish, Meg MacCary, Enormvs Muñoz, and Jen Taher) for both the tremendous amount of effort they must have put in to pull together a coherent whole from the world of sources available to them.

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As Niamh, Phaedra's ruthless but desperate publicist, Jen Taher has several show-stopping comic moments

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The performances, too, are top  of the range.  There is not merely huge physicality to the ensemble work and strong interpretation of the songs.  The creation of character, particularly bored Phaedra (Kim Gainer), confused Hippolytus (Joe Curnutee) Phaedra’s protective PR, Neevee (Jen Taher), goes way beyond that which you might expect.

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All give wonderfully real performances, but Jen Taher’s sardonic yet vulnerable Joy is a standout, especially when skewering the wannabe artistic pretensions of Jersey City denizens or talking about meeting a cute guy in a bar and desperately trying 

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Ball of Sad Reviews


“I’m a Great Big Ball of Sadness” shows what urban rooftop party minglers say and don’t say, and captures much in just minutes.


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Also from the United States, Ken Urban’s “I Am a Great Big Ball of Sadness” reveals the not-so-quiet desperation underlying cocktail party chitchat. - The Boston Globe


My personal favorite is “I Am a Great Big Ball of Sadness” (8:36), from playwright-director Ken Urban, who teaches at Harvard and is half of the band Occurrence. (I’ve been listening to their music for days — sort of Brian Eno meets Hank Williams.) His film goes behind the cocktail smiles of guests at a trendy New York party and juxtaposes their chipper chatter and inner monologues in a manner that’s equally sad and hilarious.

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